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NYC, New York City's most anticipated digital real estate is finally here!

Your domain name and website can now carry the instant cachet and credibility of New York City itself. The .NYC Priority Pre-Registration or “Landrush” phase represents a historic opportunity to register an intrinsically memorable company or organization name that carries formidable, built-in brand love. Don't miss out on this historic opportunity to own a domain name with the official extension of New York City. Start spreading the word.

Two Types of .NYC Pre-Registration:

1. Priority Pre-Registration
(also called “Landrush”)$79.99

For a small premium, get priority early access. Your order is given priority over standard pre-registrations for General Availability. A Priority Pre-Registration is the best shot at getting the name you want.

2. General Availability Pre-Registration
(also called “Pre-Reg”)$28.99

Get ahead of others waiting for General Availability. The domain you request will be submitted to the registry the moment .NYC General Availability begins.

Important .NYC FAQs and Restrictions

Priority Pre-Registration (Landrush) and Pre-Registration

Important Facts and Restrictions
  • As part of .NYC's Nexus Policy, .NYC domain extensions are only available to residents and business entities lawfully residing in the City of New York. You must supply a valid New York City street address during registration (P.O. boxes do not qualify). The information you submit will be verified by Neustar (the .NYC registry) when your order is submitted.

  • Apartment numbers for .NYC domains must appear on the 2nd address line, and must be preceded by “Apt”
Landrush Auctions
  • If two or more people apply for the same domain name during the Priority Landrush period, an auction will determine who ultimately wins the domain.

  • Customers who pre-register during this Priority phase but don't get the names they wanted will have their application and registration fees fully refunded.
Refunds - Pre-Registration for General Availability
  • Pre-registration fees are fully refundable if you are not awarded the domain you requested.
Refunds - Landrush
  • Landrush application “setup” and registration fees are fully refundable if you do not end up getting the domains you requested.

What's Next for .NYC?

Upcoming Dates
  • Priority Pre-Registration (Landrush) ends October 3rd, 2014.

  • General Availability begins October 8th, 2014. When the .NYC domain extension goes into general availability, .NYC domains can be searched for and registered immediately in real-time
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